Embroidery Ed.–A Hands-on Embroidery Training Class

This is our new series of embroidery education.  Each lesson will cover a different technique in the world of machine embroidery.  There will be something for everyone to learn and you will leave with the project you create on our embroidery machines.  Roxy is excited to start this series and share her knowledge of embroidery with you.

Our first class is Wednesday, February 15th at 1:00 or at 5:30.  The cost of the class is $25 which includes: use of our machines and all your supplies.  You will create this beautiful lace picture frame, in addition you will learn the process of creating machine embroidered free standing lace.  This project features both applique and lace.  You will receive the instructions and embroidery file to make more at home.  As a bonus you will also receive two other embroidery file designs to create another project similar to what you learned in class. This is a great opportunity to try machine embroidery if you are unfamiliar.  It is also a chance to expand your skill set if you are already a machine embroiderer.

Please call or stop in to register so we can plan accordingly as we only have so many machines.